Ultrasonic Bark Control


Humanely train your dog to stop barking with the Ultrasonic Bark Control, much kinder than shock collars or other painful methods. Constant barking will trigger Bark Control to emit a harmless high-pitched sonic pulse that’s inaudible to the human ear but highly uncomfortable to dogs.

With two range settings, High for up to 20ft and Low for up to 10ft, they’ll soon learn the bark triggers the uncomfortable sound and will refrain from constant barking. As Bark Control’s 25 kHz frequency is beyond human hearing, a flashing red LED visually shows it is in operation.

Use handheld, stand on a table or mount on a wall.

Requires one 9v.

Dimensions: L12 x W4.2 x D2.4cm

Product Code: 5920

The estimated delivery for this item is 5 working days

This product is only available for delivery within the UK.
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