40 Tulip Van Eijk Collection

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You can buy 10 of each variety for £7.99, or order the our 40 Collection and receive 10 each of Mystic Van Eijk, Orange Van Eijk and 20 each of Van Eijk for only £15.98, Half Price.
Add punch and colour to your spring displays with these striking Darwin Hybrid Tulips. They will produce the largest Tulip blooms on the market that are guaranteed to create an impact in the garden. Growing to a height of between 45-55cm, they make a great addition to borders and patio pots.  Bring indoors for a vibrant vase display.  Flowers April - May.

Please note that due to current Brexit legislation we are currently not able to dispatch plants for delivery to Northern Ireland addresses. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Height 45-55cm
12cm+ bulbs supplied
Delivery within 28 days.
Product Code: 40 Collection - DC159
DC156 - 10 Tulip Van Eijk £7.99
DC157 - 10 Tulip Mystic Van Eijk £7.99
DC158 - 10 Tulip Orange Van Eijk £7.99

This product is only available for delivery within the UK.
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