Happy and Glorious


A tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

In this lavish new publication, specially produced for our loyal readers to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday in 2016, readers will be able to follow her journey from her birth in the fashionable Mayfair district of London, through all the different aspects of her life — childhood, service with the ATS, marriage to Prince Philip, the Coronation, motherhood etc. — right up to the present day as she reaches a memorable milestone.

• The Queen’s Decades: From the 1920s to the 2010s special sections chronicle the major world events that the Queen has lived through and the changes she has seen;
• The Coronation;
• “My Strength and Stay”: A tribute to Prince Philip;
• The Royal Yacht Britannia;
• The Queen Overseas: Illustrated memories of some of the tours to foreign lands;
• The Royal Residences;
• All the Queen’s Horses;
• Celebrations for her 90th birthday: Photographs from June this year when the people of the United Kingdom will be showing their love and respect for our country’s longest reigning monarch.

Happy and Glorious Specification:
100 pages, paperback.
Code: TE90S / X6HGL

2 Pack: X6HG2

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