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A Cosy Quilt in a Cushion! You can use the Quishion as a cushion and quilt. Easy to transform, simply fold and zip it up. Quishion from iBeani is the space-saving, combination cushion and quilt. You won’t believe you haven’t already got one.

We all love the warmth, and cosy comfort we get from sitting with a quality cushion or snuggling and snoozing under a toasty, top-to-toe quilt. But because they are so quilted and cushioned, they are often bulky items that take up so much space in your airing cupboard or bedding box that you can only afford the space for one or two quilts and a handful of cushions.

Camping, caravanning or just travelling overnight? You can take Quishion in the car, train, plane or boat. As an easy-to-carry cushion it’s perfect for travelling in comfort and, for longer journeys when you might want to take a nap, you can open Quishion out for full-length quilted coverage! Let the kids sleep on the back seat under a Quishion while you drive them home at night.

No need to sacrifice one for the other - you can have all the cushions you want, and for every cushion, a full-sized quilt at no loss of extra space or storage!

Dimensions: Cushion: 45cm x 45cm. Quilt: 190cm x 140cm

Made from 100% polyester.

Use as a quilt, blanket or cushion. Easy to transform, fold it and zip it! Save on storage.

Product Code: QUCHR / PUCHR / MUCHR

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