90 Jonquilla Narcissi Collection

Buy the 90 Jonquilla Narcissi Collection for £30.94, SAVING £29.
These stunning Jonquilla Narcissi varieties produce the sweetest fragrance in the garden and produce many breathtakingly beautiful flowers per stem. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed. Perfect for the front of garden border, patio pot cont or create a beautiful cut flower display for within the home.
The collection includes 15 each of Pipit (lemon with creamy white cups), Kedron (yellow with bright orange cup), Quail (golden yellow), Pueblo (white with creamy white cup), Golden Echo (white with bright yellow cup) and Blushing Lady (yellow with an apricot cup).

Flowers April-May
Height 30-35cm
10/12cm bulbs supplied.
Delivery within 28 days.
Product Code:DC725

The estimated delivery for this item is 28 days

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