120 Narcissi UK Grown Collection


Buy the 120 Daffodil UK Grown Collection for only £37.92, saving £42.

A great selection of UK grown daffodils that will perform tirelessly in your garden and their naturalising habit means they will increase in number year after year. You can brighten up any little corner of your garden with these versatile beauties or why not create a dramatic display in a single border. The collection includes 15 each of Spellbinder (yellow with white cup), Flower Record (white with yellow/red cup), British Gamble (white with yellow cup), Delibes (yellow with yellow/red cup), Unsurpassable (yellow), Ellen (pale yellow with bright yellow cup), Apotheose (double yellow flowers) and Arctic Sensation (cream/white).

Height 30-45cm.
Flowers March
12/14cm bulbs supplied.
Delivery within 28 days.
Product Code: DC700

The estimated delivery for this item is 28 days

This product is only available for delivery within the UK.
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