Solar Pest Repeller


The humane and harmless way to keep pests out of your garden, this Solar Pest Repeller scares away unwelcome intruders with a powerful blast of harmless ultra-sound and a piercing bright flashing LED light.

Whether it’s a neighbour’s dog or cat, a fox, squirrels, rabbits, rats or birds, just scare them off instead of using harmful chemicals, traps or poison. Activated by movement up to 9m² within a 110 degree range, the Repeller includes solar panel, loud speaker, 3 LED flashing lights and a motion sensor.

The ultrasonic pest repeller features include; an adjustable setting to target either small or large animals, a dial to adjust the frequency setting to target specific animal types, a flashing LED light and a Universal programme. It’s on guard 24/7, powered by three AA rechargeable batteries, recharged free through its solar panel, or by mains through its USB port.

Either wall mount or stake the pest repeller into the ground.

Measures: H13xW8xD5cm. Stake measures 27cm high.

Product Code: 5558

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