Eco Weed Burner


Weeds that push their way through your patio, path or drive are tough customers. But they’re no match for the Eco Weed Burner. This serious piece of gardening kit destroys weeds without flames, poisons or chemicals. Instead it transmits bursts of intense heat that incinerate the cells in the weed, killing it from the tips of the leaves to the deepest roots. 

And despite its advanced design, our ‘weed blitzer’ is easy to use. Simply plug the power cable into a mains socket and you’re ready to start. You’ll find that the 2,000W heating element has two temperature settings - the first at 60°C and the second at 650°C. The first should always be used to cool the machine down after use to ensure a longer life. The second setting - an intense 650°C - is used for burning the weeds. 

With a long handle - so no backbreaking bending or stooping - the burner is simple to direct precisely where it’s needed, so you can clear weeds without harming nearby plants. Highly efficient and very environmentally-friendly.

Material: Metal/Plastic


Product Code: 5198

This product is only available for delivery within the UK.
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