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Ground Cover Collection

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Beat the weeds with our selection of hardy ground cover perennials. These fast growing creepers produce a dense carpet of floral colour for many years and will smother weeds. The collection includes 3 each of Helianthemum, Campanula carpatica, Dwarf Asters Mixed, Campanula carpatica Alba, Dianthus Deltoides, Sedum Kamschaticum, Thymus Serpyllum, Sedum Spurium, Cerastium and Gypsophila Prostrata.

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  • 30 Ground Cover Collection


    6 Dwarf Aster Alpinus Mixed


    6 Helianthemum


    6 Dianthus Deltoides


    6 Campanula Carpatica


    6 Gypsophila Prostrata


    6 Cerastium


    6 Sedum Kamtschaticum


    6 Sedum Spurium


    6 Campanula Carpatica Alba


    6 Thymus Serpyllum


Flower June to October.
Height 10-35cm.
5cm module grown plants supplied.
Delivery October/November.

Product Code: PD145/PD136/PD141/PD138/PD142/PD144/PD139/PD143/PD137/PD140/PD146

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