Explore England 2020


Between the pages of this year’s Explore England, you can travel the length and breadth of the nation from the edge of the North West at Sunderland Point to the near tip of the country along Cornwall’s breathtakingly beautiful Helford River. There’s more than a hundred things to learn (did you know Ross-on-Wye was the birthplace of British tourism?), stunning photography on every page and a whole host of different people to meet. Walk alongside hiker Roger Mechan as he takes a five-day trek along the Isle of Man’s coastal path, gaze upon the flowers with Gardener’s Notes contributor Juliet Roberts in Beth Chatto’s legendary Essex garden and trundle through the North York Moors with Phoebe Taplin on the 870 bus from York to the cliffs of Whitby – voted Britain’s most scenic bus route.   

And for those of us itching to get out and about again, plan for when we can with 42 pages of expert visitor guides to every bit of England. Plot your route around a region taking in award-winning attractions and read the extensive captions for some fascinating (and amusing!) histories. Seaton Delaval Hall in Northumberland for instance was famous for its parties and “The Gay Delavals”, as the family were known, got up to all sorts of tricks: drunken guests would awake to find their rooms had been turned upside down with furniture fixed to the ceiling, or guests would find walls would disappear just as they were undressing!  

There’s so much more besides of course – here are some of the highlights:

Towering Landmarks

While Lancashire is known for its Blackpool Tower, Dene Bebbington finds plenty of lesser-known landmarks in the county well worth a visit.

Delightful Embsay

Discover a charming village in the Yorkshire Dales which played an astonishingly important role in the industrial revolution.

Shropshire’s Heavenly Town

“With its head up in the heaven and toes in the Severn”, Bridgnorth has been admired by many including King Charles I and poet John Betjeman. Take a tour and discover why.

On the Right Track

Family-run Mangapps Railway Museum in Essex is a story of dedication on behalf of the Jolly family who happily set it up.

Millennial Bury St Edmunds

This historic Suffolk market town has a big birthday this year – it’s only 1000 years old!

Drawn by the Light

From watercolours to sculpture, Cornwall’s history of art and craft dates back more than two centuries. Katherine Sorrell charts the county’s impressive artistic heritage.

 The Ark in the Park

London Zoo has emerged from questionable beginnings to become a global force for environmental good. Go behind-the-scenes and meet some fantastic beasts as well as learning about the society’s history.

If you love England, the English countryside, English history and English customs and traditions, you will not want to be without the latest edition of Explore England!

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