Billy Connolly – The Ultimate Collection


This fabulous 3-CD collection features live classic stand-up and songs including "Stainless Steel Wellies", "The Short Haired Police Cadet" and many more. It's a great gift for any Billy Connolly fan.


Disc One
1. Stainless Steel Wellies
2. Telling Lies
3. Everybody Knows That (The Humblebums)
4. Talkin’ Blues (What’s A Name)
5. Oh, Dear
6. Saturday Round About Sunday (The Humblebums)
7. Nobody Child
8. Song For A Small Man
9. Leo McGuire’s Song
10. Cruisin’ (The Humblebums)
11. The Jobbie Weecha !!! / Please Help Me, I’m Falling

Disc Two
1. If It Wasnae For Your Wellies
2. A Little Of Your Time
3. A Life In The Day Of / Glasgow Central
4. The Short-Haired Police Cadet
5. Silk Pyjamas (The Humblebums)
6. Marie’s Wedding (Musical Appreciation): The Music Teacher
7. Winchburgh Junction
8. The Donkey
9. My Apartment (The Humblebums)
10. Glasgow Accents….Nine And A Half Guitars

Disc Three
1. Harry (The Humblebums)
2. Near You
3. Little Blue Lady (The Humblebums)
4. Harry Campbell And The Heavies
5. Good Love
6. Saltcoats At The Fair (The Humblebums)
7. McGinty
8. Why Don’t They Come Back To Dunoon (The Humblebums)
9. The Crucifixion

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