This England Covid-19 Update


In these challenging times, we are endeavouring to do all we can to keep bringing you your favourite subscriptions and products from This England. All our colleagues along our supply chain and in our contact centre are working tirelessly and we would like to give them all a big thank you for the incredible job they are doing right now. We would also like to thank you, our customers, for your loyalty and understanding during these unprecedented times.

Please find below full details of how we are currently operating.


Existing Subscribers

Our Subscriptions should be being delivered as normal but we are aware of some delays happening due to the reduced staff in the delivery networks. Please do not contact us about late delivery of subscriptions until they are a week overdue.

New Subscribers

If you are taking out a new subscription, please ensure you check the estimated start dates for your subscription in the detailed description near the bottom of the product listing page. These all vary from title to title but are generally between 3-6 weeks from the date of purchase. You will receive further communication with the exact start dates as follows:

If you have ordered a Prepay subscription you will receive another email within 5 working days with details of your subscription start date.

If you have ordered a Direct Debit subscription you will receive a letter in the post with the details of your subscription start date.



Some products on our website are temporarily out of stock as some of our suppliers have decided to close their businesses for the time being. Please check our website regularly as we hope that the entire range will be available again soon.

Products that are in stock will continue to be delivered as normal with expected delivery timescales of 7-14 days.


Contacting us

Our contact centre are working Mon to Fri 8am to 6pm. Due to certain working restrictions they may take slightly longer to answer calls and emails. Please make some allowances for this. Subscription copies of our magazines are being sent out but there may be some delays caused by reduced staff working in the delivery networks. Please do not contact us about missing copies until they are a week overdue.