Protective Skincare Set


Martha Hill products are formulated to react to your skin's daily needs. They are finely balanced to ensure that your skin receives the care it deserves. Based on a carefully researched combination of the finest natural oils and extracts they are designed to cleanse, tone, moisturise and nourish: the four essential steps to a healthy, glowing complexion. All products are free from artificial fragrance and colour and are cruelty-free and UK made.

This fabulous skin protection set features five indispensable products, providing everything you need for your daily skin care routine and protection.

RRP £44.70

Evening Primrose Cleansing Lotion (with Oil of Evening Primrose, Avocado & Cucumber). A rich, creamy cleanser formulated to gently remove every trace of make-up and impurities leaving your skin supple, moisturised and thoroughly cleansed. 150mls.

Evening Primrose Moisturiser (with Oil of Evening Primrose, Avocado, Sesame Oil and Vitamin A). This light, easily absorbed daytime moisturiser will help smooth, soften and maintain moisture balance. 5mls.

Evening Primrose Nourishing Cream (with Oil of Evening Primrose, Wheatgerm, Beeswax, Carrot Oil and Comfrey). A rich, nourishing night cream to help minimise the appearance of fine lines, repair daytime damage, smooth and soften. 50mls.

Gardener's Hand Cream (with almond oil, wheatgerm, Beeswax). An extra special hand cream to help prevent sore, chapped skin, smooth rough dry patches and protect. 100mls.

Extra Rich Foot Treatment (with Witch Hazel Extract, Beeswax, Sesame Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Honey Extract). A rich cream to penetrate and help soften hard, cracked skin and deodorise.

Product Code BNPS

All products are free from artificial fragrance and colour and are cruelty free and UK made.

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