André Rieu "Happy Together" CD/DVD Set - Deluxe Edition


André Rieu is excited to present his new album “Happy Together” (CD & DVD) - all brand new recordings. “Happy Together” is a wonderful and emotional “ode to joy”, celebrating the return to life, happiness and love – a musical reminder of how life was before the pandemic and how it will soon be again!

For this new album André has personally chosen and recorded his favorite songs from all over the world, which will make his fans happier than ever. “Happy Together” invites you to dance and celebrate and will warm you during the cold winter months. The CD/DVD features a number of world-famous tunes that you won’t get out of your head, such as "You are my Sunshine", “La Bamba”, "Happy Together", "Voices of Spring", "Valencia", “Circus Renz”, “Estudiantina” and "When I’m 64".


1. Semper Fidelis
2. You are my Sunshine
3. Waves of the Danube
4. Happy Together
5. Egyptian March
6. Slavko play for us
7. El Capitan
8. Estudiantina
9. Valencia
10. Berliner Luft
11. Wiyathul
12. Circus Renz
13. Maastricht, City Of Jolly Singers
14. Skoda Lasky (Rosamunde)
15. André Goes Marching On (Medley)
16. When I’m Sixty Four
17. La Bamba
18. Can’t help falling in love
19. All my life

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