The Huggets (4 DVDs)


Before Coronation Street and Eastenders, and even before television soap operas there were The Huggetts. Undoubtedly Britain’s favourite film family of the post-war years they were loveable, wily, resourceful, patriotic and a force to be reckoned with for figures of red tape
bureaucracy. The head of the family was Joe – Jack Warner later to be Dixon of Dock Green with Ethel – Kathleen Harrison as his wife. Holiday Camp the first film in which they featured was released in 1947, two years after the end of the war and is a superb snap shot of ordinary British family life. In Here Come The Huggetts we see the family at home dealing with the arrival in the house of the sassy Diana Dors, who seems to be a magnet for the local boys. Vote For Huggett finds Jack Warner as the little man taking on bureaucracy and finally The Huggetts Abroad takes our typically British family from their domestic farce on an international romp.

4 DVDs

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