André Rieu - Forever Vienna CD


A collection of Viennese Waltz music bought to you by the international superstar André Rieu, hailed as "The King of The Waltz". A CD packed full of well known classics such as "The Blue Danube".

Tracklist: 1. The Blue Danube 2. Radetzky March 3. The Second Waltz 4. Voices Of Spring 5. Strauss & Co. 6. Bolero 7. Vienna Blood 8. Perpetuum Mobile 9. Wine, Woman And Song 10. Thunder And Lightning Polka 11. Carnaval De Venise 12. The Gypsy Baron 13. The Merry Widow 14. On Holiday 15. Vilja Song 16. You Are My Heart's Delight 17. Strauss Party

Product Code: 6631

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