Pass it On, Household Tips From The 1950s


Pass it On, Household Tips From The 1950s, is full of everlasting wisdom and homely nostalgia. How do you get furniture dents out of a carpet? Or beetroot stains out of a table cloth? How do you dust behind an immovable wardrobe? How do you keep midges away? How do keep veg fresh if you haven’t got a fridge? How do you keep your silverware from tarnishing? Or your teapot fresh if it isn’t in daily use? There are more than 1250 incredible tips here.

This is the biggest and best collection of tips for living that has ever been published. Buy it for anyone who grew up in the 1950s or ‘60s and watch as they remember the troubles that had to be faced and the remedies that were found. This book is a piece of social history, an amazing record of life experiences that will reconnect you with the good old days. Buy it for yourself to make your life today easier. Do you know how to gift-wrap a circular box? How to keep flies and wasps away from your bin? How to quickly clear a room of cigarette smoke?

Prepare to be amazed, amused and away on a trip back to the good old days. Paperback, 238pp.

Paperback 238pp


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