Adventures of the Meerflat: How To Be A Good Friend


Adventures of the Meerflat is a children's educational book about friendship. Beautifully illustrated with drawings for children to colour in, it's aimed at youngsters aged between 7 and 10.

The book has a fun story about a Meerkat with a special power who meets lots of other animals and learns about how to be a good friend. He also learnsabout being confident, working out how other people feel, starting conversations, being a good listener, being considerate, avoiding getting upset, sharing, being helpful, earning trust, being reliable, and having good self esteem.

The story features 26 different animals - each with something to teach the Meerkat. This is the author's third book for children about special animals and is a great way to help children to learn and grow.

Author: Carol Harris

Paperback - 104 pages

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