A 1950s Childhood

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Do you remember waking up to ice on the inside of the windows, washing in a tin bath by the fire and being forced to swallow spoonfuls of cod-liver oil? Did you play on bomb-sites, read the Beano, Eagle, Bunty or Girl, and listen to Children's Hour, The Clitheroe Kid and Hancock's Half Hour on the wireless? If you did, then you probably grew up in the 1950s. And if you did grow up in the 1950s then you will find this book by Paul Feeney absolutely impossible to put down.

Home life, games, hobbies and pastimes; radio and television, music and entertainment; school life, summer holidays, Christmas and notable events of the decade...all are covered in a way that transports you back to the houses, streets and shops of 1950s England. There is even a section entitled ""Whatever Happened To?"" which includes police boxes, National Service, London pea-soupers and Diana Dors!

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Paperback: 224 pages
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