Tommy Steele CD

Britain's first rock and roll star who quickly became an icon of entertainment.

He is still going strong more than 50 years later and now you can hear all his early songs again. Remember Singing the Blues, Butterfingers, Shiralee, Little White Bull, What a Mouth? They are all here plus many more.

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Track Listings
1. Rock with the Caveman (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded August 1956
2. Elevator Rock (Steele) recorded September 1956
3. Doomsday Rock (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded September 1956
4. Singing the Blues (Endsley) recorded October 1956
5. Rebel Rock (Steele) recorded October 1956
6. Knee Deep in the Blues (Endsley) recorded January 1957
7. Teenage Party (Steele) recorded January 1957
8. Butterfingers (Bart, Pratt) recorded March 1957
9. Cannibal Pot (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded March 1957
10. Take Me Back Baby (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded April 1957
11. Shiralee (Steele) recorded April 1957
12. Two Eyes (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded June 1957
13. You Gotta Go (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded June 1957
14. Time To Kill (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded June 1957
15. Build Up (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded June 1957
16. I Like (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded June 1957
17. Water, Water (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded July 1957
18. A Handful of Songs (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded July 1957
19. Hey You (Steele) recorded September 1957
20. Happy Guitar (Steele, Bart, Pratt) recorded February 1958
21. Nairobi (Merrill) recorded March 1958
22. The Only Man on the Island (Merrill, Mann) recorded May 1958
23. Come On, Let’s Go (Valens) recorded September 1958
24. Tallahassee Lassie (Crew, Picariello, Slay) recorded April 1959
25. Give, Give, Give (Arthur) recorded April 1959
26. Sweet Georgia Brown (Bernie, Pinkcard, Casey) recorded April 1959
27. Little White Bull (Bart, Pratt, Bennett) recorded October 1959
28. What a Mouth (Weston) recorded March 1960

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