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For many years sports themes have been heard on cinema newsreels and also occasionally on radio and television. However, they were rarely available on commercial release and if you missed one then you would have to wait a long time before you heard it again. Fret no longer, though, because here are 27 of the best including Sports Personality of the Year; Sportsview; Sports Special; Grandstand; Today’s Sport; World of Sport; Wimbledon; Sports Report; Match of the Day and many more which will immediately evoke memories of “going to the pictures”.
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Sporting Themes CD Specifications
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Track Listings:
1. Out of the Blue (Sports Report) (Hubert Bath)
2. Drum Majorette (Match of the Day) (Arnold Steck)
3. Sporting Occasion (Wimbledon) (Arnold Steck)
4. Tele-Ski (Roger Roger)
5. Full Speed — aka Full Speed Ahead (Charles Williams)
6. News Scoop (Grandstand) (Len Stevens)
7. Cresta Run (Claude Yvoire)
8. Kings of Sport — aka Hollywood Cavalcade (Jack Beaver)
9. Pioneer Trail (Sports Personality of the Year) (Charles Williams)
10. Tattenham Corner (Ronald Hanmer)
11. Commentators March (Charles Williams)
12. Olympic Games (Ronald Hanmer)
13. Tour de France (Edward White)
14. Saturday Sport (Sportsview) (Den Berry)
15 Morning Canter (Arnold Steck)
16. Sports Special (Sports Special) (Den Berry)
17. World of Sport (World of Sport) (Don Harper)
18. Sportsmaster (Peter Stuyvesant cigarette advert) (Bob Busby)
19. Today’s Sport (Today’s Sport) (Den Berry)
20. Sport Galop — aka Sports Newsreel (Charles Williams)
21. Sportsman’s Luck (John Bath)
22. Race Day (Roger Roger)
23. Sporting Spirit (John Bath)
24. Derby Day (Bob Farnon)
25. Motor Races (Dolf Van Der Linden)
26. Soccer (Roger Barsotti)
27. All Sports March (Pathé News) (Bob Farnon)

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