Evergreen Winter Issue Now On Sale!


Evergreen Magazine Winter Issue

Evergreen Winter Issue Now On Sale!

What do you remember most about childhood Christmases? Perhaps it’s the carols and candlelight of a Midnight Mass, the joy of seeing a beloved uncle or aunt, or the weight of a pillow case filled with presents at the end of your bed . . .

Gran sits ‘in one corner smoothing the wrapping paper...

Gregory Holyoake treats us to an especially vivid recollection as he recalls a 1950s Christmas in his family’s cosy prefab. It’s full of humour such as the unfolding of their artificial Christmas tree (‘three feet high with green needles attached to a wire frame, it resembled an outsized bottle brush’!) to touching details given that after the war money was in short supply. Presents are opened with the utmost care, toys are played with tirelessly and Gran sits ‘in one corner smoothing the wrapping paper and winding up discarded string in readiness for future Christmases’.

It’s a wonderful read, sure to get you into the festive spirit. Do write in and let us know if it sparks any memories!


Watching the World Go By . . .

As we look forward to the year ahead, either in wonder or worry, Wayfarer shares an uplifting story about hope. Not to be missed.

The Autograph Book

Eileen Combellack flips through the pages of a shabby little book filled with messages of love and friendship.

Music Makers

Calling all Cliff Richard fans! Richard Payne explains why we can’t get enough Cliff at Christmas.


A Christmas special – and better than the jokes you’ll find in those crackers! Don’t miss these assorted gems.

Material world

Created from wasted material samples, these stunning collages are a shining example of ‘waste not, want not’.

On the Air

Kate Garner recalls The Ovaltineys radio show which was even enjoyed by royalty.

A Rural Retreat

From starling murmurations to a Ford Fiesta running on recycled vegetable oil, Marc Harris’s winter in Carmarthenshire is full of surprises!

All that Jazz

It’s been 65 years since the release of The Glenn Miller Story. Critic Michael Renouf looks back on a great film.

There’s so much more besides including stunning photography, poetry, all your regular favourites and even a mind-boggling riddle to solve! So snuggle up by the fire, make yourself a hot chocolate and lose yourself in thismagical edition of Evergreen.

Why not take a look at ourwinter subscription offer, with a choice of free welcome gift from Heyland & Whittle it makes a great gift for friends or family this Christmas or even just a treat for yourself.

However you’re spending this Christmas, may we wish your happiest one yet.

The Evergreen team