Tuck into the Holidays


Are you still crossing off the days until your holiday this year, or are you an early bird who escapes at the earliest opportunity? And, when it comes to travelling, do you prefer to fly, set sail, or remain rooted to terra firma? What about holiday planning: are you one of those spur-of-the-moment holidaymakers, who books at the last minute, or are you a meticulous planner who starts organising the trip many months in advance?

Despite the delays and congestion that you often encounter on your travels today, I am still one of those optimistic (some might say foolish!) souls who believes that the holiday really begins with the journey. Travelling to your destination is all part of the fun and adventure. This was certainly the case for one of our writers, whose article for Evergreen’s autumn issue, published on 6th September (click here to order), recalls his family’s amazing annual motoring holidays across Europe in the 1960s and 1970s. It is a brilliant story as he recounts setting off with his parents from their home in Newcastle, and driving to such exciting destinations as Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway and Italy. It is a superb read and you feel as if you are travelling with the family - seeing the stunning scenery and enjoying some of their hilarious adventures en route.

But where are your favourite holiday destinations - both past and present? Indeed, what makes the perfect holiday for you? Whether you prefer to paddle in the briny in Blighty, or embark on an epic overseas odyssey we'd love to know. Better still, send us a postcard or, if you're holidaying in the British Isles or staying at home, why not recommend some of the attractions and places you visit for the Evergreen's Favourite Places Award (see page 68 of the current summer issue)? Let's highlight and recognise some of the glorious gems that Britain has to offer.

At the moment, many of us here in the Evergreen and This England office are heading off and returning from our holidays. Renowned as we are for our love of customs and celebrations, it is enshrined in ancient office tradition that the returning holidaymaker always has to bring a true flavour of their destination back with them, so that those who've been slaving away over hot computers in their absence can indulge! We heartily recommend it as an excellent way of keeping up the spirits, and the productivity, of the workforce! A fortnight ago, Peter returned from a camping expedition in France laden with several boxes of particularly delicious biscuits; while a week later Angie came into the office bearing generous supplies of clotted cream fudge after her break in sun-soaked Cornwall. It doesn't stop there, dear reader, as this week Keren comes back from Guernsey and, another Cornish holidaymaker, Christine, rejoins the fray next week. Without wishing to be too presumptuous, it looks like our holiday larder will be rapidly expanding over the next few weeks - rather like our waistlines!

If you think about it there's a fine feast of traditional holiday fare from around Britain to tuck into. See if any of these tickle your taste buds: Brighton, Blackpool or Edinburgh Rock; Bakewell Tart; Cornish Fairings; Devon or Dorset Fudge; Dundee Marmalade; Kendal Mint Cake; Harrogate Toffee; Scottish Whisky or Shortbread; and Welsh Cakes. And that's just for starters!

Happy holidays, indeed!

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