This England: The Newsreel! December 7th 2018


On This Day: “The finest eloquence is that which gets things done; the worst is that which delays them.” 

David Lloyd George replaces resigning H.H. Asquith as British Prime Minister, 1916


Off with the headlines!

Our royal heritage is something of which every Englishman and woman can be proud. But sadly thanks to tabloids and telecommunications, we seem to know more about regal gossip than we do about royal history.

According to a new survey of 2000 people across the nation, less than half of us actually knew that Trooping the Colour celebrates the Queen’s birthday (in fact 12% thought it celebrates Brexit!) and almost two thirds of Brits were unaware that in Scotland, Prince Charles is called the Duke of Rothesay. 69% of us however were sure Meghan was in a TV show before meeting Harry and could answer other tabloid-related news.

On average respondents in England only scored 27% but we’re sure as a This England reader you can do better – try the Royal Knowledge Quiz here for yourself and see how you fare!


It’s not just for Christmas …

The withered fir trees that lie discarded in the streets once the festive period is over only add to January’s gloomy mood – and according to the British Christmas Tree Growers Association, we buy roughly six to eight million real Christmas trees in the UK every year.

So step in Primrose Vale farm shop in Cheltenham. Customers shopping with here can choose a tree and instead of throwing it away after Christmas get it replanted. Families often request the same tree every year with some decorating the same one for up to a decade. As reported in The Times, Paul Keene from the farm shop says ‘This way the tree gets to go on and on’… and so does our festive spirit Paul!


Greengrocer take over

Our millennials take quite a pounding what with being branded “snowflakes” and accused of putting their avocados and lattes over saving for the future. However, news reaches us that they are being justly celebrated by the fruit & veg sector for being behind the revival of the good old traditional greengrocer.

So appalled are they by the mountain of plastic that our supermarket produce often comes wrapped in, that they are turning to our greengrocers in numbers. Grant Fox, owner of Seasons of England in Herne Hill, London, told The Telegraph this week, ‘We have loads of young customers. I would say [millennials] care about seasonal produce and their carbon footprint. A lot of our veg is [grown] just seven miles from where we are… 90% of our plants aren’t wrapped in plastic [either] – they’re all loose’, Grant confirmed.


Goliath Google suffers a blow

Tech giants used to be the place to work with promises of free wood carving lessons for stressed staff, nap pods for those who felt the need and all the smoothies one could drink. But, as reported by Tim Knowles in The Times this week, it seems they’ve lost their shine.

Last year Google was considered the best place to work in Britain but after a walk out over the management’s handling of sexual harassment claims and a petition against the company’s plans to launch a censored search engine in China, they’ve slid down the rankings to 13th and the top spot has gone to Anglian Water. Apple too dropped from ninth place last year to No 43 behind Ikea, Wagamama and Dunelm.


No prizes for Oscar

A dog owned by Claudia Schiffer has been accused of killing a pregnant ewe as well as mauling two others according to The Mirror. Her German Shepherd, Oscar, was reported to have run amok at a farm near Culworth, Northamptonshire and was later retrieved covered in blood.

Apparently this marks the fourth time Claudia and her film producer husband have been reprimanded for their ‘out of control’ pets and it’s not the first instance of Oscar’s bad behaviour having made it into the headlines – back in 2006, it was reported in the Telegraph that he had been chasing deer and taken a nip at the postman. Oh deer, Oscar!


All I want for Brexit is …

‘For them to simply get on with it’, said one shopper at a Christmas Market in Sheffield this week. BBC Radio 5 Live asked traders and shoppers what they most wanted with answers ranging from ‘certainty’ to ‘for us all to get on’. Sheffield voted 51/49 in favour of leaving the EU in the 2016 referendum.

Sadly, Leave or Remain, it doesn’t look like any of us are going to get what we want this Christmas! The Times have even supplemented their seasonal gift guides with a highly uncertain ‘guide to Britain’s political crisis’. Why not merge the two and do a Brexit Gift Guide? We’ve got our eye on this board game, guaranteed to make the whole family fall out…

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