40 Parrot Tulip Collection

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Each of these Parrot Tulip varieties produce large and wavy deeply feathered petals, which unfurl slowly as the plant matures. The collection includes five each of: Amazing Parrot (Orange/Pink),Black Parrot ,Estella Rynveld (Red),White Parrot, Texas Gold (Yellow), Negrita Pattot (Purple), Rococo (Red) and Webers (White-Pink). Our colourful varieties are ideal for planting in pots or the border where they will grow up to 45cm. 

Please note that due to current Brexit legislation we are currently not able to dispatch plants for delivery to Northern Ireland addresses. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Height 40-55cm
11/12cm Bulbs supplied
Delivery within 28 days.
Product Code: DC036

DC036 - 40 Tulip Parrot Tulip Collection

DC028 - 5 Tulip Amazing Parrot

DC029 - 5 Tulip Black Parrot

DC030 - 5 Tulip Estella Rynveld

DC031 - 5 Tulip White Parrot

DC032 - 5 Tulip Negrita Parrot

DC033 - 5 Tulip Texas Gold

DC034 - 5 Tulip Webers Parrot

DC035 - 5 Tulip Rococo

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